Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scary Storys

As my cosin Marven told me a scary goghst story , I got scared when he started I got scared because he started with the scary part. As Marven started he said once upon a time there was a girl that had blood on her body and killed her. Then Marven said something that was very scary. He said there was a boogy man and he told us to don't look under the bed because it's scary and I looked under the bed and there was a boogy man toy and I got scared and he said "BOO" then I fell on the ground and Bump I bumped my head on the ground it was so saw. When it was my turn to say a scary story and I said" once upon a time there was a dead man in someones body and it's mr mcman ". When I stopped they came to slap me because they got really scared and I siad " Ahhhhh" when they slapped me.


  1. Hi Zion

    I thought that your story was very entertaining because I wanted to keep on reading it. Kingston's big brother Jordan is always telling him scary stories just before bedtime! Marven might have to tell you some stories that are not scary. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Hey Mrs Langitupu thank-you for commenting me. It is such a onner for you to comment me. From Zion


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