Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Tree Hill Trip

  1. As room 15 walking in the hall room 15 saw room 17 , 14 and 18. When room 15 sat down room 15 were playing hand games and I was playing shadow boxing with Richard and I beat him at shadow boxing. Then we all went to our groups and room 15 and 17 were in groups and room 15 and 17 went to the bus first and when we went to One Tree Hill It was great when we got there. As we got there I got thirsty and I drank fizz and it was raspberry flavour. Then room 15 and 17 went to this house and we had to take our shoes off and go inside. Then we had morning tea and I had a cracker , chips and I drank water. After we ate morning tea room 15 and 17 went up the hill and there was a straight but not really straight some were squiggly. Then we went to play with the rocks and some of us saw drew our names. Then we went back to have lunch and if we finish our lunch we get to play capture the flag. When I got there the game started and when Mr Barks says go we had to play and run up to the people with the yellow and green team and I was the none band team. Then Lepa got the flag for us and we got a point and Lepa kept on giving the none band team a point. Then we played again and David gave us a point only David gave us a point once and then we started again and we the none band team WON!!!!!!!. Then we went to the bus and went back to school.

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