Monday, December 16, 2013


We got the opportunity to meet and get presents from Johnson and Johnson and the year 7's and 8's never knew that a surprise would come on that day. Everybody got presents, and everybody was happy. Once we got our presents we couldn't wait to open it, but when school finished we opened it, because we just couldn't wait.

Thank you to Johnson and Johnson for giving us presents that we could enjoy. Thank you for all the effort you put in to give presents to us, I know it's not easy to give a whole school presents, but at least we enjoyed it.

The present I got was art stuff, which is pretty cool, because I love art.

Thank you Johnson and Johnson.


I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers that taught me how to be the best I could. I would also like to say a big thank you to my principle as well. Thinking about all the things that the intermediate has done together made me realize that I'm going miss Pt England School so much.

Everything that Pt England has done together made me happy and grateful to be in Pt England. I would like to say a farewell to all the year 7's I'm going to miss Pt England School. Everything Pt England has done together I'm going to keep it with me forever.

Friday, December 13, 2013


The first day I got my netbook, was the day I knew that school would be much easier. When we got our netbooks we had a lot of fun with it. Netbooks last for 3 years or more, it depends how long you could look after it.

When we got use to netbooks, we learnt how to do many, many things, on the internet. We learnt how to do good things and bad things, we learn things quickly from the internet, quite quickly. But the one thing we have to do everyday is to leave a good digital footprint, and be cyber smart, and never cyber bully.

The things we have to do for our netbooks are.........
- Take care of it
- Put it in the right place
- Look after it with TLC (Tender, Love and Care)
- Charge it everyday
- Put it somewhere safe

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've learnt heaps from my teacher this year, my teacher has been teaching me how to get better at maths and get better at reading. My teacher this year gave me advice for next year so that I could get better at stuff I need to work on.

The significant thing I've learnt myself was art. I'm better at art then any other subject, my art teacher had gave me some advice to make me get better at my blending, and contrasting. The other significant thing I've learnt myself, was how to play guitar. At first I thought it was too hard to play guitar, but to be honest, it's actually easy.

The things I've learnt from my friends was how to get better at sharing. Sharing is the best thing to do for friends and family. Everything I've learnt from my friends were helpful. Everyone needs a friend, to help them, to care for them, and even to be by their side.

The thing I've learnt outside of school was, to be kind thoughtful and caring. I've been kind, thoughtful and caring to everyone outside of school lately, I've even helped my grandparent's with their stuff too.

I've done better at visual art, playing guitar, and listening to the teacher. All the thing I've done this year was great, I hope all the things I've learnt this year helps me for next year.


My first favourite highlight was the Luge Ride, it was so awesome. At the luge ride we had to wear helmets for safety, without our helmet's we'll all be in hospital so safety first. It was a wet and sunny day so we had got wet on our way down, and all of us loved it.

My second favourite highlight was getting to hear Richmond School sing, they were amazing. They preformed for us which was pretty nice, the're secret to singing better is to take a CD at home sing to it until you sound better. Every song they sang we're wonderful, and I hope they get better and better each year.

My third favourite highlight was going to the farm. The host was funny and the host was also picking on people. Some people from our camp went on stage and had a turn of milking the cow, and it was so funny. The farm has to be my funny moments.


Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 in the village of Mvezo in Umatu, then a part of South Africa's Cape Province. He was given a name called Rolihlahla that means ‘troublemaker,’ in later years he became known by his clan name, Madiba.

His patrilineal great-grandfather Ngubengcuka was ruler of the Thembu people in Transkeian Territories of South Africa’s modern Eastern Cape province. His children passed away, and one of his wives passed away as well. Nelson lived a pretty hard life.

He got married on 5 October 1944, after initially living with her relatives, they rented House no. 8115 in Orlando from early 1946. Years later he studied and went to university, but he got arrested after a few years later.

He got arrested by trying to get equality between the whites and blacks. He never gave up, he kept going and going and he never said ‘I QUIT’, which is a good thing. He stayed in jail for 27 years, and 1 year later he became president, because of the good things he did for his country.

He retired of being president, because he stayed in the hospital, until he had to R.I.P. July 18 to December 5, we will always remember Nelson for all the good things he’s done for his beloved country South Africa. The thing I like about Nelson Mandela is that he never gives up, that is something everyone should do more often.

Monday, December 2, 2013


gif maker We got the opportunity to go to the pools in G.I. It was wet everywhere when we went inside the pools. Then we had to put our swimming togs and dive in the pool. Before we do anything in the pool we had to wait for the instructor.

The instructor thought us how to swim really good. We have competitions at the end of our sessions, and our team always comes 1st. Every time we finish swimming we always change into our uniform, and we walk back to school, feeling great, because we know how to swim.