Thursday, September 2, 2010


As we were waiting eagerly for cross country to start, we were sitting on the court and it was boring. We were watching the 10 year old boys line up. Then the clappers went, “ BANG ” and the boys charged, some of them jogged and some of them sprinted as quickly as they could. They went past the gate and then some of them got really exhausted and drain. As they got exhausted and drain they were walking unsteadily because their legs were so tired.

As the 10 year old boys got tired the 10 year old girls went to the middle field to do their cross country race. Then the clappers went, “ BANG ” and the 10 year old girls charged. As they were jogging and sprinting were determined to do it and they were trying their hardest, because champions never give up. When they are sprinting so fast they run out breath. Then they were so tired at the finish but they sprinted so fast as they could.

When the 10 year old girls finish their race they were so tired they had really tired legs.


When I went to my cousin’s birthday party with my parents and my sisters, I went to Gregg and said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” He is eighteen years old. Then I went to Gregg’s sister my other cousin, and my sisters and I were playing on her trampoline. We were playing a fun game and it was called ball tiggy on the trampoline. My other cousin, Gregg’s sister got tug.
We went inside the house and ate taro, ham, chicken nuggets, chicken that’s sliced, we had those stuff that had chicken and yum stuff inside it and it was lite brown on the outside and we had sauce to put the chicken nuggets and the chicken on the sauce too. We finish eating and the food tasted NICE!!! After we ate we were watching TV and the movie was called LOVE WRECKED.
Then we went outside again and we saw the sky tower from their house. Then we were talking about the people who dance. Then we went back inside and watched LOVE WRECKED until LOVE RECKED was finished and it said THE END.
After that the BIRTHDAY PARTY was over and my parents and my sisters went inside the car and we said bye because we went back home.