Friday, November 30, 2012


For activities we were doing Slingshots, making Christmas trees and other things.
The things we needed to use for our Christmas trees were:
- Four branches
- Twenty  Newspapers
- Two Lollies
- Decorations
The thing we had to shoot was:
- Paper
- Cello tape
Wrap it up and put cello tape around it. Then shoot it with the slingshot. After that, Mrs Nua announced the winning team and it was, my team. We had chocolate for our prize, the runner-ups prize was lollies.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thank-you Tauwhare, Dante and Mr Harris for checking my work.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Did you know? The city of Venice started a flood on the 12th of November 2012. The capital of Venice is Eraclea. The city of Venice is the most romantic city in Europe, it is full of romantic things. The population of the city of Venice (2012) 60,000. The city of Venice is located in the north east of Italy. The winged lion had long been a traditional symbol of Venice.

If you want to learn more about the flood, then click on this link the city of Venice underwater.

Thanks to Hosannah Setefano for checking my work.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


We had to answer some questions about safety swimming. Mr Harris gave each of us a sheet and we had to complete it. The people who didn't have swimming togs had to answer some questions about improvised (make something out of whatever is available) floatation.

What safety device do you wear when you are in a deep pool, or sea?
Wear a life jacket.

Why should you try to stay with a capsized boat?
So you can flip it over, get on it and sail to shore.

I feel like a water safety expert now.

Thanks to Hosannah for checking my work.


My favourite movie was The Test, by room 18, Pt England School. The main characters are Dillon, Starford, Rihan, Kingston, Brook and Jephte. My other favourite movie was by, Jordenne a.k.a Jojo, Sela and Iron, they were also in the movie. The movie is called More.

At the Manaiakalani film festival last night I watched, Pt England, Glen Brae, Glen Innes, Tamaki College, Tamaki Intermediate and other schools.

We had to get out of the film festival, because there was a college video that was inappropriate for us kids.