Saturday, June 26, 2010


As I was watching Over the Limit at 8:30 I watched John Cena vs Batista , and when John Cena came in the ring everyone cheered for John Cena , and when Batista came in the ring everyone shouted " BOO ''. Then the bell rang and John Cena and Batista started fighting for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP belt and it was a I QUIT match. Then John Cena punched Batista on the stomach , and then Batista kicked John Cena , then punched him , kicked him and then John Cena went to the fans and smashed Batista there. Then John Cena went up to the steps , then John Cena threw Batista on to the securities and John Cena laughed , and then John Cena went to the flash red car with Batista , and Batista went into the flash red car and John Cena was at the back of the car and Batista crashed John Cena , and then John Cena stand up and went to Batista and try's to body slam Batista and Batista said " I QUIT I QUIT I QUIT I QUIT ". Then John Cena body slammed Batista and the ground cracked , but just a big rectangle got cracked , and John Cena still won his WWE championship belt.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Nickelodeon is awesome and it has my favourite episodes , and my favourite movies. The episode I really like on Nickelodeon is i Carly and they have a web site , and it is www dot icarly dot com.

My second favourite episode I like is True Jackson VP and my favourite person on True Jackson VP is Keke Palmer.

My third favourite episode is Ned's School Declassified School Survival Guide , and my favourite person is Ned.

My favourite movie on Nickelodeon is True Jackson VP The Movie , and my favourite part in the movie is when True Jackson went back to Mad Style and worked there. True Jackson the vice president went back to her office at Mad Style to work , and True Jackson never went to school again.

Nickelodeon is great to watch also there are art you can see on Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is great and it has great pictures of people on magazines also the people in the magazines are my favourite , but on of them. The person I like in the magazines is Selena Gomez.

Nickelodeon has a cool website and the website is called nick nz dot co dot nz , and there are prizes you can win on the website. The game I like to play is on the website , but you can't win anything. But it says YOU ARE THE WINNER!!! on nick nz dot co dot nz. My favourite gaame on nick nz dot co nz is Avatar The Legend Of Aang games. But my favourite game on Avatar The Legend Of Aang is The Phoenix King. Nickelodeon has the second game I like and it is iCarly , and my favourite game on it is Pac Rat. The other game I like on i Carly is the one where you dump Miss Fizz in fish guts , toilet paper , old mayonnaise and yuck stuff , and if you finish the 1st level it says FINISH LEVEL. Then it has 5 things you need to do to dump Miss Frizz in old stuff. You need to dump Miss Frizz in fish guts , toilet paper , fish guts , old mayonnaise and fish guts again. When you finish that level Miranda Cosgrove shouts " LEVEL COMPLETE ".

Nickelodeon has great episodes on channel 41 , that's the Nickelodeon channel. Nickelodeon is a great channel and it has great prizes I really wanted everyday online. On Nickelodeon it is great because it has great stuff.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Disney Channel is the greatest channel because it has my favourite episodes and movies. Disney Channel has the greatest movie , and it is Starstruck and my favourite episode is Sonny With A Chance.

My second favourite episode is The Suite Life on Deck , because it has my favourite people and they are The sprouse brothers , Debby Ryan and Brenda Song.

My third favourite episode is That's So Raven and I mostly like Raven and Kyle Massey.

My favourite movie is Starstruck , because my favourite person is Sterling Knight and I am his biggest fan. Starstruck is the the bestest movie of all time. Starstruck is a very popular movie on Disney Channel.

My second favourite movie is Harriet The Spy and my favourite person in there is Jeniffer Stone.
Harriet the spy challenges a girl called Marryen Hopper and , it turns into a blog war.

My third favourite movie is Right on Track , and this girl called Erica and her little sister Courtney are fast drivers in there. Courtney vs a boy and Courtney beat the boy and her time 99.

Disney Channel is awesome and the episode I really like is Wizard Of Waverly Place and my favourite people are Selena Gomez , Jake.T Austin , David Henrie , Maria Canals Barrera and David Dalewes. Wizard Of Waverly Place is a great episode and there is a new episode called Wizard Of Waverly Place vs Werewolves and vs Vampires and vs Zombies. Wizard Of Waverly Place vs Werewolves is great because this guy called Mason is a werewolf.

The second episode I like in Wizard Of Waverly Place is Wizard Of Waverly Place vs Zombies , because the zombies had a challenge with Alex , Justin , Harper , Max , Juliet and Zeke had went to a zombie prom.

My third episode I like on Wizard Of Waverly Place is Wizard Of Waverly Place vs Vampires , because this girl called Juliet is a vampire , and Justin had a plan to see what the people on late nite bites menu were and Justin was pretending to be a Australian menu artist. Then Justin told his parent's that the people on late nite bite had styled gravy on their sandwiches and Justin's dad knew that they were vampires.

Disney Channel is great because it has new episodes and new movies like Harriet The Spy Blog Wars. On Disney Channel it has my favourite episode I really like and it is Sonny With A Chance , and my favourite people in Sonny With A Chance are Demi Lavato , Tiffany Thornton , Sterling Knight , Brandon Michel Smith , Alisyn Ashly Arm and Doug.

The second episode I like is Zeke And Luther , and my favourite person on Zeke And Luther is Hutch Dano who acts Zeke.

The third episode I like is Cory In The House , and it is great because Cory lives in the white house with the president and Cory's real name is Kyle Massey.

Disney Channel has many episodes I like and the movie I like is Harriet The Spy Blog Wars.

Friday, June 18, 2010

ROOM 15 Rugby Training

As room fifteen went on the rugby field and we met Villi and Micheal the people that play rugby. Then we had a competition to see who was the first group to run with the rugby ball and run back to your spot and put your hands on your heads. My group was the first people to put our hands on our heads and sit down on our bottoms , we were group 3. Then we did it harder because it was so easy on the 1st round. Our next round was hard too , we had to put the ball under our legs and do five star jumps and go back to your spot and put your hands on our ears and act like a moose.

Room fifteen did another game and we were suppose to put something over our heads and pass it to the other person and when it's at the end you run and take it at the beginning.

Then room fifteen played an awsome game and we were suppose to run around in a circle and when Villi says five we have to get in five peaces of groups.


and Dylan Sprouse is the second best singers. Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse are great and they
are great song writers , my favourite songs are all of them and they are great at doing movies
and episodes and my favourite episode is Suite Life On Deck and my favourite character is Cody
and Zack Cody is Cole Sprouse Zack is Dylan Sprouse.
Cole and Dylan are great skateboarders on The Suit Life Of Zack And Cody.
Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse is in a movie called The Prince And The Pauper , and Dylan Sprouse was pretending to be Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse was living a normal life and Cole
Sprouse was living a rock star life.
Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse are great at singing songs on concerts and disco's too.
Cole is smart in the episode of suit life on deck and the suit life of Zack and Cody and the suit life on deck. Dylan is lazy in the suit life on deck and the suit life of Zack and Cody and the suit life on deck , and he's sneaky too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hutch Dano is the second best skateboarder in this world , and he is good at doing tricks and he is good at skating the monster ramp good.
Hutch Dano acts in a episode called Zeke And Luther , Hutch Dano acts Zeke and he jumped the shark on season 2 of Zeke And Luther.
Hutch Dano is a good at doing freestyle on skateboards.
Hutch Dano likes skating and in a episode.
Hutch Dano is great and he should teach some other people how to skateboard.
Hutch Dano is the best at doing skateboarding stuff.
Hutch Dano is great.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As I was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks at the starting Alvin , Simon and Theardor were saving some food for winter so they don't starve every day. Then the tree that Alvin , Simon and Theardor were on got chopped off , and Alvin , Simon and Theardor went with the tree and when the tree got chopped off Theardor said " I think you made it angry ".
Then they went to a place to go work and they met a man called Dave. Dave said " Chipmunks can't talk " when the chipmunks went inside Dave's house. Then Alvin , Simon and Theardor got kicked out of Dave's house. After Alvin and the chipmunks got kicked out of the house Alvin and the chipmunks sang a song and Dave opened the window and heard Alvin and the chipmunks sing and they sang another song and it was awsome , and Dave said " That was great. Alvin said " Have you written a song before " and Dave said " Yes " and Alvin said " Is that your music stuff " and Dave said " Yes ". Then they wrote a song.
Then they went to the concert and sang the song that Dave's boss told Alvin and the chipmunks to sing and they left the building with Dave.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As soon as I started playing the games that I like to play I just turned on the computer and did my favourite game and it was on Internet and I turned it on y8 and did dragon fist 3 , and I created a character and I named it Iron Monkey.
Then I put on some hair on Iron Monkey my character , I created more than one I created 9 characters on dragon fist 3. Then I challenged a man called Green Serpent and as we started I did my ying yang spin and the Green Serpent thought he'd get me but I got my weapon and killed Green Serpent until he was over. The next person I challenged was the guard of dragon fist 3 age of worrier and he did his move and I got my weapon and killed him until he was over.
As me and my parent's went to Mac Donald's we celebrated my little baby brother's birthday it was on May the 11th and he was going to turn 1 , and there were packets of activities and games in the book and a game.
As I was playing the game that was in the packet , I was playing tic tac toe with my sister Iron. We were Artie on the first game of tic tac toe and on the second game We came Atie again.
On the third game I won. Then my little 1 year old brother blew the cake , but my mum blew the cake for him.
Then we ate some Mac Donald's I got a Big Mac , chips and fizzy , all the other little kids had some happy meals , and my big sister had the chicken mac with fries and my cousin Barbra and Mulan had the chicken mac too.
As we finish eating we went on the playground and I went on the helicopter and this man was speaking and it sounded real , it was fun on the playground. We went to have ice-cream for dessert.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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The Phineas and Ferb games on Disney channel dot co dot nz is great because there are surfing games , car games and snow games. On Phineas and Ferb there is a game I like and it is the game how you escape from those trolls and the snow problem also the game how you help Ferb to save Phineas before it's to late for Ferb to get Phineas. The other games I like about Phineas and Ferb is the racing game the car game you do details on your car and it is such a great game.

The second game I like is the game where Perry the Platypus goes and fight the evil man doctor Derangement's that's the same game how you help Ferb save Phineas before it is to late , but it is not the same because Ferb saves Phineas and Perry the Platypus fights doctor Derangement's.

The third game I like is when Candice impresses Jeremy from surfing , and there are great moves there to do. You have to get those pictures and you press

the space bar to do your move. The surfing game is great because it is the third greatest

game on Disney Channel. The Phineas and Ferb games are great and it is awsome.