Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As I was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks at the starting Alvin , Simon and Theardor were saving some food for winter so they don't starve every day. Then the tree that Alvin , Simon and Theardor were on got chopped off , and Alvin , Simon and Theardor went with the tree and when the tree got chopped off Theardor said " I think you made it angry ".
Then they went to a place to go work and they met a man called Dave. Dave said " Chipmunks can't talk " when the chipmunks went inside Dave's house. Then Alvin , Simon and Theardor got kicked out of Dave's house. After Alvin and the chipmunks got kicked out of the house Alvin and the chipmunks sang a song and Dave opened the window and heard Alvin and the chipmunks sing and they sang another song and it was awsome , and Dave said " That was great. Alvin said " Have you written a song before " and Dave said " Yes " and Alvin said " Is that your music stuff " and Dave said " Yes ". Then they wrote a song.
Then they went to the concert and sang the song that Dave's boss told Alvin and the chipmunks to sing and they left the building with Dave.

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