Friday, June 18, 2010

ROOM 15 Rugby Training

As room fifteen went on the rugby field and we met Villi and Micheal the people that play rugby. Then we had a competition to see who was the first group to run with the rugby ball and run back to your spot and put your hands on your heads. My group was the first people to put our hands on our heads and sit down on our bottoms , we were group 3. Then we did it harder because it was so easy on the 1st round. Our next round was hard too , we had to put the ball under our legs and do five star jumps and go back to your spot and put your hands on our ears and act like a moose.

Room fifteen did another game and we were suppose to put something over our heads and pass it to the other person and when it's at the end you run and take it at the beginning.

Then room fifteen played an awsome game and we were suppose to run around in a circle and when Villi says five we have to get in five peaces of groups.

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