Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hutch Dano is the second best skateboarder in this world , and he is good at doing tricks and he is good at skating the monster ramp good.
Hutch Dano acts in a episode called Zeke And Luther , Hutch Dano acts Zeke and he jumped the shark on season 2 of Zeke And Luther.
Hutch Dano is a good at doing freestyle on skateboards.
Hutch Dano likes skating and in a episode.
Hutch Dano is great and he should teach some other people how to skateboard.
Hutch Dano is the best at doing skateboarding stuff.
Hutch Dano is great.


  1. Hey Zion
    I like the Zeke pichture that you put up on your own blog and why did you put it on?.

  2. I love Hutch Dano!


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