Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As me and my parent's went to Mac Donald's we celebrated my little baby brother's birthday it was on May the 11th and he was going to turn 1 , and there were packets of activities and games in the book and a game.
As I was playing the game that was in the packet , I was playing tic tac toe with my sister Iron. We were Artie on the first game of tic tac toe and on the second game We came Atie again.
On the third game I won. Then my little 1 year old brother blew the cake , but my mum blew the cake for him.
Then we ate some Mac Donald's I got a Big Mac , chips and fizzy , all the other little kids had some happy meals , and my big sister had the chicken mac with fries and my cousin Barbra and Mulan had the chicken mac too.
As we finish eating we went on the playground and I went on the helicopter and this man was speaking and it sounded real , it was fun on the playground. We went to have ice-cream for dessert.

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