Thursday, June 24, 2010


Nickelodeon is awesome and it has my favourite episodes , and my favourite movies. The episode I really like on Nickelodeon is i Carly and they have a web site , and it is www dot icarly dot com.

My second favourite episode I like is True Jackson VP and my favourite person on True Jackson VP is Keke Palmer.

My third favourite episode is Ned's School Declassified School Survival Guide , and my favourite person is Ned.

My favourite movie on Nickelodeon is True Jackson VP The Movie , and my favourite part in the movie is when True Jackson went back to Mad Style and worked there. True Jackson the vice president went back to her office at Mad Style to work , and True Jackson never went to school again.

Nickelodeon is great to watch also there are art you can see on Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is great and it has great pictures of people on magazines also the people in the magazines are my favourite , but on of them. The person I like in the magazines is Selena Gomez.

Nickelodeon has a cool website and the website is called nick nz dot co dot nz , and there are prizes you can win on the website. The game I like to play is on the website , but you can't win anything. But it says YOU ARE THE WINNER!!! on nick nz dot co dot nz. My favourite gaame on nick nz dot co nz is Avatar The Legend Of Aang games. But my favourite game on Avatar The Legend Of Aang is The Phoenix King. Nickelodeon has the second game I like and it is iCarly , and my favourite game on it is Pac Rat. The other game I like on i Carly is the one where you dump Miss Fizz in fish guts , toilet paper , old mayonnaise and yuck stuff , and if you finish the 1st level it says FINISH LEVEL. Then it has 5 things you need to do to dump Miss Frizz in old stuff. You need to dump Miss Frizz in fish guts , toilet paper , fish guts , old mayonnaise and fish guts again. When you finish that level Miranda Cosgrove shouts " LEVEL COMPLETE ".

Nickelodeon has great episodes on channel 41 , that's the Nickelodeon channel. Nickelodeon is a great channel and it has great prizes I really wanted everyday online. On Nickelodeon it is great because it has great stuff.

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