Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've learnt heaps from my teacher this year, my teacher has been teaching me how to get better at maths and get better at reading. My teacher this year gave me advice for next year so that I could get better at stuff I need to work on.

The significant thing I've learnt myself was art. I'm better at art then any other subject, my art teacher had gave me some advice to make me get better at my blending, and contrasting. The other significant thing I've learnt myself, was how to play guitar. At first I thought it was too hard to play guitar, but to be honest, it's actually easy.

The things I've learnt from my friends was how to get better at sharing. Sharing is the best thing to do for friends and family. Everything I've learnt from my friends were helpful. Everyone needs a friend, to help them, to care for them, and even to be by their side.

The thing I've learnt outside of school was, to be kind thoughtful and caring. I've been kind, thoughtful and caring to everyone outside of school lately, I've even helped my grandparent's with their stuff too.

I've done better at visual art, playing guitar, and listening to the teacher. All the thing I've done this year was great, I hope all the things I've learnt this year helps me for next year.

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