Thursday, December 12, 2013


My first favourite highlight was the Luge Ride, it was so awesome. At the luge ride we had to wear helmets for safety, without our helmet's we'll all be in hospital so safety first. It was a wet and sunny day so we had got wet on our way down, and all of us loved it.

My second favourite highlight was getting to hear Richmond School sing, they were amazing. They preformed for us which was pretty nice, the're secret to singing better is to take a CD at home sing to it until you sound better. Every song they sang we're wonderful, and I hope they get better and better each year.

My third favourite highlight was going to the farm. The host was funny and the host was also picking on people. Some people from our camp went on stage and had a turn of milking the cow, and it was so funny. The farm has to be my funny moments.

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