Friday, May 14, 2010

As we were walking into the hall and we sat down , we heard the music playing and then the people did a little boogie and Miss Squires did a really funny boogie and she sang the song too. As soon as Erick said " Hey guys are you having fun all right ''. Then Erick said to make some noise so Iron Brion can come out here and it worked he actually came and they were playing hide and go seek and Iron Brion went and hide at the girls toilet. Then Sarah said that her favourite game was the Iron Brion boogie but the first game was to guess what question Iron Brion and Sarah said and they told the answers too , and we had to answer it too. Then we had a competition to see who can dance better to get the Iron Brion hat. Then we played a fun game and it was called the Iron Brion boogie and it was a boys vs girls competition. When we started the Iron Brion boogie and then it finish and a boy called Asean won out of the boys and a little girl I don't know , side was me.

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  1. Well done Zion, I like how you have written about the Iron Brian Show. I wonder if you could add in what he was telling us about. (hint- the 4 food groups. Can you remember what they were?)
    Keep up the good work.
    Ms Squires


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