Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the holidays I went to sleep over at my cosins place he lives at Concord Place I played PS2 with my co sin and he still beats me. Then he went to Wellington to stay with his mum and his little sister, and I hope he's having fun with them. When i played PS2 with my uncle he and I were playing wrestling in a steel cage match and we were versing the tag team champions i was Reymestereo and he was Triple HHH,we nearly won the tag team tittles. Then I was still Reymestereo and my partner was Randy Or tan. When I finish me and my partner Randy Ortan had the tag team tittles. As soon as I finish playing PS2 I told my aunt to let me go outside so I can play with the whose. As I was playing with the whose I got wet every time my co son said " shut up!!!!!!!! ". After that I played PS2 and I was playing motorcycle game and the tricks were cat walk,lazy boy,the no hand er,fritter,the trick flip and the Indian trick plus hart attack. As soon as I finish playing the motorcycle game I went and change the game to wrestling again and the game was called Raw vs Smack-down 2010. As I put the game In I played a game called the berried alive. As I played It with my co sin that came back from Wellington , he was the Undertaker and I was Jeff Hardy. Then I start the match I came out and you know how I am , I'm Jeff Hardy the united states champion and my enemy was the Undefended Streak the Undertaker and we started the match in 2 seconds and we wrestled. As we wrestled I smashed Undertaker with the sludge hammer , steel chair and a world champion belt.

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