Monday, May 31, 2010

Bigfoot adventures

Room fifteen sat on the bench eagerly waiting for Adrien and Tony to take us on a Bigfoot adventure. Then they told us how to put on a helmet with buckles on the sides and a strap on the back to tighten the helmet. We ran to the field and got the bikes. We were riding them up to the goal post and coming back. We were split into two groups. Some were with Adrien and the rest of us including me were in Tony's group. My favorite obstacle course was when we got to ride on the ramps and ride around the cones. We then switched and Adrien went on the ramps and the cones with her group and Tony taught us how to do hand signals. We learnt the hand signals for telling riders to stop, or go right or left. We were more co ordinated as a group when we had hand signals to follow. We all had turns at doing the hand signals.

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