Thursday, May 27, 2010

000000000000000000000000111_pesaa.gif Samoa Sevens Rugby Team image by V12BMW

As I was watching. Samoa vs NZ and Samoa came out and people were screaming at Samoa and then NZ came out and they were screaming out loud. Then it was Samoa's ball and they got tackled from NZ and then Samoa got a TRY. When Samoa got a try NZ took the ball , then Samoa tackled them and then it was a high tackle and the reef did not see the high tackle. Then NZ ran and ran and then Samoa tackled a NZ player , and then NZ got a try. Then the NZ people had a plan to win.
.As NZ tried to have a plan to win NZ did have a plan to win and Samoa still tackled them so Samoa won the game and as you know SAMOA RULES THE WORLD Samoa never ever loses rugby games.

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