Friday, November 4, 2011


I was blasting off to Saturn, then I saw some aliens. When I was in Saturn I would snowboard around the ring every afternoon. I live with the blobby alien family. They eat slugs, snails and octopus, but I eat pizza, muffins and pancakes. The blobby alien family looks really bizarre. Then my rocket got crushed, and I could not fix it. So then a brainy alien came to me and said, "I can fix it". I miss Earth now I'm stuck in Saturn.

Then I got a tour around the city in Saturn, the famous city is called THE ENERGETIC CITY. THE ENERGETIC CITY is the best city out of all of them. All the aliens like me now, including Mr S. Then we saw Grumpy Dumpy, he dose not like anyone because he's really nasty, and he does not use his manners. Then I went to THE ENERGETIC CITY with Mr S and we ate the special it was THE LARGEST PIZZA out of the whole planets. Then I went and saw the highest tower which is called THE TOWER OF ENERGETIC CITY, A K A, T T O E C.

I went to Saturn with my teacher Mr S. AFTER THAT I went to the blobby alien family and warned them that a monster is going to destroy and attack the people In THE ENERGETIC CITY. The monster went to steal the little blobby alien baby and keep him safe in the monsters arms. The monster's weakness is garlic powder. So then the blobby alien family said really worried, "Your the only one who can save him", I thought to my self, I saw a hero somewhere before, but then I saw his stone then they said I'm the hero. So then I got some garlic powder It took me 4 hours to get there with my car, so then I threw garlic powder to the monster and he let go of the baby and I caught the baby. Then I brought the baby back to it's home where he belongs. Then they all cheered.


  1. Hey Zion,
    My name is Stephanie and I am a student at the University of South Alabama located in Mobile, Alabama where I am studying to be a teacher. I loved reading your story about your adventure to Saturn. It would be fun to snowboard around the ring of Saturn. You had a very creative story and were very descriptive with your word choice. The story of your adventure come to life in my head and I could picture each scene that you were describing. Keep up your good use of descriptive words.

  2. Hello Zion!

    I am Dominique Spence, a student in the United States at the University of South Alabama. It is located in Mobile, Alabama. Your story about Aliens is very interesting! Your imagination is vivid and creative. Writing your own story is really fun because you make it about what ever you like. You were very descriptive which allowed me to see the story in my mind as you told it. Not only did you do a good job telling the story but you did a good job typing it on your blog also. At your age I did not have as much access to a computer. We did most of our work on paper with a pencil. It is very good that you are able to use a computer for learning and as a way to complete your work. Where did the inspiration to write about aliens come from? Do you ever leave Saturn or do you decide to stay? Great job and I look forward to seeing more of your blogs.


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