Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow I am so amazed, because we went to Camp Bentzon. It was so great when my group went ab sailing, I was so amazed when I went up because I could see the view. Ab sailing was so fun I wanted to try again, and they said I was the best so far. At Camp Bentzon the best cook was Mr Coop. Mr Coop cooked us the best chicken ever.

My best part of the water activities was kayaking and swimming. Then we had a delicious cooked by Mr Coop, I felt like I had my own cook which is Mr Coop. We were all so happy because we are at a Camp that we will never ever forget and will always remember. The King and Queen of Volley is Kingston P and Ramona K. Swimming was awesome, and sailing I took a risk and I tried it and it was good.

When it was the last day of the Camp Bentzon we packed up all our things and had free time. On Thursday night we had a concert and Kawau won the concert all the rest lost. When we got ready to go to sandspit Mrs Flavel got soaked in wet. As soon as we went to the hall I was thinking in my head, it would be so great to go back to Camp Bentzon.
CAMP BENTZON ROCKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Zion
    I like your story about camp.I also like you pictures.I liked Mr Coops food as well.All thought there are a couple mistakes that you could probably fix up.


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