Thursday, February 17, 2011


When I yawned and stretched I realised that I was flying. I said to myself “I HAVE POWERS!!!” I knew I got my powers from my parents. Now that I’m a Superhero I can start saving the world if they are in trouble. I will start naming myself “SUPER GIRL”, and I’ve got my super friends which are “BATTLE DIVA” and “STORM GUY”. My enemies are called “LIGHTNING GUY”, “CALIGO GIRL” and the most powerful villain “TORNADO GIRL”. After I was flying all around and kicked “TORNADO GIRL” in the face. Then she started to do her tornado move on me and my “SUPERHEROES” helped me defeat them all. “BATTLE DIVA” was shooting fire from her hands to the “SUPER VILLAINS”. “STORM GUY” came along to save the day and then “BATTLE DIVA” got destroyed by the powerful villain “TORNADO GIRL” and she laughed “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” then I got destroyed by “LIGHTNING GUY”, and “STORM GUY” was the only one left in our team I never knew he was the only one that was not beaten up. I knew I shouldn't use my invisible power then I heard someone say “HELP, HELP” and that was a shop keeper from the hot chips shop. Then “STORM GUY” went to save him, but then “LIGHTNING GUY” came to destroy “STORM GUY” and then me and “DIVA GIRL” went to save the shop keeper and “STORM GUY” and there was no more badness happening there, and we were all happy and safe together.


  1. kia ora I really like your story about super heroes and you really add heaps of details in it i hope you will post same more of the super heroes again

    by Ilalio

  2. Hi Zion It me Marven that story of Super Heroes was amazing write more.


  3. Ha ha! did the shop keeper gave you any hot chips for your hard work? That was an awesome job.


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