Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

As the earthquake happened happened again at Christchurch the ground was rumbling and shaking. The children were sad when they saw their parents getting injured, some of the children got injured too. The earthquake struck 9 minutes before 1:00 pm in the afternoon. There were famous building called a cathedral that were crushed and collapsed on the ground. The people were putting them into cars so they could take them to a doctor so the doctor could give them a cast on their legs or arms. This lady that was bleeding on the head still survived by the earthquake.

There were crying, sadness, injured people, dangers, and tragic and sad people. People that survived from the earthquake you are lucky, because if you pass away boy’s and girl’s in Christchurch, your mother or father will, if you are the only child in your family watch out for other earthquakes
God please help the ones that are
in Christchurch, Pt England will
help too. We have to give them
tents, shelter, more water and lots and lots of food.

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  1. Hello Zion,
    My name is Jordan Sellers and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama. I am learning to become a teacher just like Mr. Kent. It is very sad about the earthquake and all the damage that it caused. But I am very happy that you weren't injured during the quake. You are right that it would be very bad if anyone was to die in the earthquake, and you are also a very mature and responsible young man to point out how the people effected by this need our help. I am very proud of you bringing this situation to the internet so that more people will know about it and want to help. You can follow my blog at . I hope you keep up your good works in the community and the classroom.


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