Thursday, February 24, 2011

As the earthquake happened happened again at Christchurch the ground was rumbling and shaking. The children were sad when they saw their parents getting injured, some of the children got injured too. The earthquake struck 9 minutes before 1:00 pm in the afternoon. There were famous building called a cathedral that were crushed and collapsed on the ground. The people were putting them into cars so they could take them to a doctor so the doctor could give them a cast on their legs or arms. This lady that was bleeding on the head still survived by the earthquake.

There were crying, sadness, injured people, dangers, and tragic and sad people. People that survived from the earthquake you are lucky, because if you pass away boy’s and girl’s in Christchurch your mother or father will, if you are the only child in your family watch out for other earthquakes.

Please god help those people that are in Christchurch, Pt England school are going to figure out a way to help them too.

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  1. Hi Zion

    What a thoughtful piece of writing you have published. Well done.

    You need to give this post a title because at the moment it displays as a broken YouTube URL.

    Mrs Burt


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