Friday, August 27, 2010

Smoothies taste great and banana smoothies taste awesome. Coconut mixed with banana tastes YUM!!! As I made a smoothie at my house they tasted fantastic. As I tasted my smoothie it felt like I was in SMOOTHIE LAND!!!!! When I was making a smoothie on my own, I made a great banana smoothie. It was YUM!!! First I had to slice the bananas, next I had to put it inside the blender. Then I drink it and it was YUM!!! It tasted delicious. As soon as I finish doing a banana smoothie I did a mango smoothie. The 1st step is to chop the sweet mango. Step 2 is put it inside the blender then you drink it and YUMMY!!! Strawberry smoothies are great and I like the best chocolate smoothie. I like my banana smoothies that I did and they are awesome. When I was doing a pineapple smoothie I did a slightly different one. I put in pineapple and something else. Banana smoothies with other stuff is DELICIOUS!!!!!!! Some people like doing smoothies like me and some other people don’t do smoothies. I LIKE SMOOTHIES!!!!!!!!!!

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