Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Big Time Rush is great because they sing and dance. Big Time Rush don't listen to their boss, and they sometimes don't do what they are suppose to do. James in Big Time Rush does not listen to Kendall a bit, and James is a bit noisy sometimes, and James likes partying when people are all in his house with the Big Time Rush boys. Logan in Big Time Rush likes singing so much when they sing, and Logan is great and smart, and comes up with great ideas. Sometimes they fight over people, and Carlos always crashes stuff with his black helmet. James in Big Time Rush is always acting a bit cool. Logan is a bit brainy but then Kendall comes up with ideas. They are really into girls, and people say that they are not famous in Big Time Rush. Everyone say that they are famous in real life. The people who don’t know the Big Time Rush guys should go to YouTube. com and type in their theme music and you people will know them. They love their family, and they like their friend's too. They went to school before, and they were hockey players before too, and all the girls were chasing the Big Time Rush boys. The song that I like them singing is Big Time. I had a dream that I got an autograph from them, but I met James and Kendall first in my dream, then Carlo’s and Logan. When they took a photo in their episode Big Time Rush, their boss called Gustavo and a lady called Kelly had to go to jail because they have been destroying someones mail box, then they got out of jail then took a photo of the Big Time Rush guys. The people that know them I think you people know all of their awesome songs. Everyone had to chase this famous guy, and they crashed Big Time Rush. They were not famous in the episode, and their was another episode, and their was a girl who was Kendall's sister, then she went to Gustavo and Gustavo said one question and she said “ Your song is lame “, and then Gustavo said “ that is not a question ! . Gustavo is a angry man who has anger management. I like their song Big Time, I Wanna Be Famous, Any Kind Of Guy. I wish I saw them in real life. One girl loves Kendall. People around the world who are a big fan of them they sing great, and they are great. It is great how they do their lyrics on You Tube and the great episodes, they have a great voice in their episodes and also in real life. On their episodes they have a lot of working and singing to do. Some people like their songs.

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  1. Hi Zion,
    You've done an amazing job posting your writing up! This is the first time I've heard of Big Time Rush so I will definitely look them up on YouTube to learn more. Thank you for leaving us comments on our blog posts, you're awesome Zion!

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 10


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