Friday, July 23, 2010


During immersion assembly on Monday the 19th of July the first day of term 3, I saw Miss Tito dressed as Jessica Watson and I saw teachers dressed as pirates, Vikings, Johny Depp as Jack Sparrow the pirate, James Cook and other sailors. Our whole school was learning that our topic for this term is Mighty Mariners. Some people say that it is a great topic this term, but not all the people.

We were watching team 3 sharing their stuff.They were bad pirates and they found gold and shared it with us, and I got a chocolate coin, and I opened it and ate it so it would not melt.

Next it was team 4 on the stage and everyone clapped. Miss Va'afusuaga, dressed as a Polynesian voyager, got stuff out of her bag and it was taro (in Samoa you call it kalo), and the bag that she was holding was called a ako. Then Mr Barks came and said his name was Eric The Red, and he said to this people they should go to Green land but he was being tricky because really it’s ice land. As Eric The Red finished his great speech it was Leif Erickson’s turn to do his speech. Ms Squires, as Leif Erickson, said that he was Eric The Red’s son. Miss King was a pirate that thinks she is a pretty pirate.

Finally Miss Tito, for team 5, said that she traveled the world solo and she was Jessica Watson. She was mainly 16 as she traveled the whole world solo. As she traveled the world solo she did all the work herself, and I think that is pretty amazing how she did stuff herself.

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