Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Ronald heard a whisper but no one was there, he looked back, but no one was there. He kept walking, but he couldn’t see properly because of the smoke, but then............... A man named Oliver Kishimen came and took him to a really scary house. Oliver Kishimen is a wanted man, the police have been looking everywhere for him but he was just too hard to find.
Oliver took carried Ronald into the Spooky living room and tied him up in a chair and Ronald was shouting out for his mother but all the windows and doors were shut. Oliver gave him the sleeping gas to put him to sleep, and then Oliver hide him inside the closet.

Ronalds mother was getting worried that he didn’t come home so then his mother went searching through every house, she searched and searched but there was no one, until she got to the last house she could possibly find in her neighbourhood. She heard a whisper and it was Oliver, she looked back but no one was there, but lucky she knew karate so she could fight to get her son back.

Ronald opened his eyes and saw his mother outside the window, he felt scared that Ronald might come back to put him to sleep. Lucky Ronalds mother called the police with her own phone. Ronalds mother kicked the door open and shouted out Ronalds name and he answered and shouted, “I’m in the spooky living room mother!”

They both heard a whisper and that was Oliver. Ronalds mother was hiding at the back of the couch and she saw Oliver holding a knife in his back pocket then she jumped up and kicked him right in the face and kicked him again, and he was out cold.

The police arrived on time and arrested Oliver, and took Ronald and his mother back home safely, the police told Ronald to never walk home alone ever again and Ronald said that he will only ever talk and walk with people he knows. Ronald is know safe with his mother at home where they'll always be safe.

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