Friday, November 1, 2013


Number 22 I looked at the letter and I said, “Yes, I found the house.” The outside of the house looked creepy, it looked rusty, it had cobwebs, and it also had spooky statues, and the plants looked dead I ran up to the doorstep and i rang the bell, it also had a creepy sound to the bell. I pushed the door and it was already opened.

I saw an old picture of an old man on the wall. I took one step back and the old man was standing right there and staring at me I sprinted out the door but the door was locked, I shouted, “Help, Help,” the man was near me I could feel it, until I went to the living room I saw people lying flat on their backs, I was freaking out.

He showed up right behind me and said, “Welcome child.” Everyone jumped up and shouted, “Surprise, happy Halloween,” I had a big smile on my face, and all this time I thought my sister got kidnapped, but actually she was helping out some people for the Halloween party. Best Halloween Ever.

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