Friday, September 6, 2013


Marching down the Mall towards the Lincoln Memorial we felt united having a little support from our past enemies. We all held up signs saying that we want freedom and equal rights. “Hurry Zion”, I yelled as we raced to the front of the huge crowed.  I really wanted to see Martin Luther King, “WAIT”, Zion shouted.. Zion sprinted towards me and said “Do you think they won't treat us bad again?”, I whispered in his ear and said “I Think”.

Glancing at Martin Luther king, My family and I held hands as he got ready to say his speech. His Speech started with “I HAD A DREAM”, He was so confident and he had a Big smile on his face. hopefully he made the Whites realized their not the only people in this world. I  turned and looked at the crowd, people were crying and hugging each other, seeing them being emotional mad me cry. My Mum said  “If we're lucky enough we could all have freedom. and nobody got hurt.” that's when I  started to feel happy!

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