Monday, July 8, 2013


Once upon a time an evil witch stole her twin’s identity, because she was jealous of her sister. Her sister had won the love of the only man the evil witch had ever loved. Enraged the evil witch trapped her twin into an underground ruin, no one but the evil witch could ever get in.

Her evil twin sister looks like her but the problem is that she has a mole, she wanted her twin sister’s fiance. So then the evil witch went to her sister’s fiance and the fiance said, “Will you marry me?” The evil twin said, “Well, Yes of course.”

Hansel and Gretel walked in and Hansel looked at her face and thought to himself, “Mum doesn’t have a mole.”Hansel and Gretel went to their room and found a note that told them to lean on the wall so the secret layer could open.

They did exactly what the note said, and they bumped into an old man wearing an assassin suit. “Who are you” Gretel asked, “My name is John Kanichi and I'm the one who put the note there for you.” “Why are you down here all by yourself,” “I am your protector, come,” said John.

“Go into the girls closet Hansel and come back out, and Gretel  told the same to Hansel but he had to go into the boy’s closet and come out, they both ended up wearing assassin clothes with weapons inside their clothes. They both had a small axe, stone dagger, sword, bow and arrows, pistol and sludge hammer, and they both wore blue assassin clothes, and they both had I.D’s.

Hansel and Gretel asked the old man if he knew about what happened to their mother. Hansel and Gretel had to stop her from trying to marry. A few days later the evil twin was so excited to get married at 6:00pm. Hansel and Gretel got their assassin spy gear and got ready.

Their wedding started, but Hansel and Gretel said they needed to go get a present for them but they actually wanted to get their mother out of the cage. 35 minutes later they got their mum and brought her back and to the to the wedding and stopped it. They said that she was their real mother. They fought for a long time then Hansel called the assassin spies to take her to prison. Everyone was happy that time and they all lived happily ever after.

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