Monday, July 8, 2013


Determined to strive Zion climbed the mountain with courage as he knew he would reach the dojo. Feeling worried and shy he knocked proudly on the door.

Curiously Zion stood at the door looking apprehensive. Suddenly sensei Porsha opened the door and pointed away. As he  slammed the door right into Zion’s face, Zion thought to himself anxiously  “I will never make it in the dojo”!

Zion felt sad, but then he meditated so he could see if sensei Porsha wouldn’t reject him. Zion meditated the whole day until sensei opened the door. Porsha opened the door the next day and pointed away again. Zion gave up and walked away feeling down and then got angry and ran to the dojo and kicked the door and it broke. Again Porsha pointed away, Zion noticed sensei was pointing directly at sign” USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE,” Zion was happy.

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