Thursday, May 30, 2013


“Bye mum, I'm off to The Heart Killer for lunch,” shouted Matt. As fast as he could, Matt set off. He hasn't eaten breakfast or lunch as he had been as busy as a bee.
Arriving at The Heart Killer, Matt ordered The Heart Attack Burger. The burger was good to go. Matt stared at the burger and yelled, “Oh my gosh, that burger is huge.”

The Heart Attack Burger is the only one that has a fat patty stuffed with 3 little burgers, and the outside 2 more patties and a bun on the bottom and one on top with cheese in the middle melting on the side. Matt started eating the burger. As he ate it ,he got up to the point where he was going to vomit, and he was only half way. He ran into the men's toilets and threw up.

Matt went back and continued eating the burger, because if he didn’t finish it he would not be allowed to ever go back to that restaurant. He was hiding the burger inside a huge black bag and ran outside and dumped it in the trash. He will never ever go back to that restaurant again.

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  1. Hi zion,

    this was great story about about The Great Big Burger. You had great sentence beginnings. You also got a great picture


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