Friday, April 5, 2013


It was a hot sunny day Spongebob and Patrick are learning how to surf like a pro. Spongebob was nervous, he felt scared as well. As he surfed he screamed, “Wooo.” Patrick looked at Spongebob as he fell off the surfboard and crashed into the waves, he shook his head and boasted, “Oooo.” Patrick grabbed the super sticky glue, and glued his feet onto the surfboard and announced, “Apply the sauce,” he squirted the glue onto his feet, because he knew what to do now. He surfed the waves like a pro, he yelled, “I will not separate from this surfboard.” As he was surfing, his eyes popped out and shouted, “Rock! Separate! Separate!” He crashed into the rock, flew into the air and his skeleton came out, and crash landed onto the sand. His skeleton told Patrick that he likes his sandals, Patrick replied, “Thanks we’re inseparable.”

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