Monday, March 4, 2013

MONEY AND BLACK HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you wanted something you wanted so bad, will you steal it?

I was printing out some papers on the photocopier when this big black circle suddenly appeared. I put my house keys on the big black circle, suddenly my keys fell right through it. I was reaching for my keys and i found it, I also found this paper inside it. The paper that I found says that If I put my hand through it and put it against something, I can have it for myself, WARNING there is no going back, if your whole body goes through it.

My boss came to me and said, “Lock the safe, a lot of money is in it, don’t try and take the money,” “Okay,” I replied. The safe was already locked, and my boss went home. I unlocked it and took some money out of it, I went all the way inside and the door safe closed, I yelled, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” I was trying to find a way out, I tried to punch my way out, I tried to kick my way out, but nothing worked.

Hours later, no one was here, my stomach was rumbling I wanted to get out so badly. Then I remembered, the black hole was inside my left pocket, I got it out and put it against the wall of the safe, I went through it and I was free I still had some money in my pocket, I unlocked the safe and put it back in, and locked it again. It said beside the safe, AUTOMATIC SAFE, I should start reading things before I go do it.

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  1. Hello Zion,
    I loved you`re story you wrote about the Money and Black Hole it sounds a bit scary but the story was in interesting i loved your pictures too.

    Well Done Zion keep up he good work.

    From Mao


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