Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Jack and his dog Lucy are getting ready to go to the beach. They took a surfboard, swimming  togs, life jackets, and lunch. Jack and Lucy were running and skipping, and barking and laughing while they were going to the beach. “ Hoary, ice-cream,” Jack yelled, he bought, triple chocolate ice-cream, and vanilla, and fudge topping, whipped cream and also chocolate ice-cream for Lucy.

“Wow, this beach is amazing,” said Jack. Lucy barked out loud to Jack, but he couldn't hear her, because he ran inside the water, with his surfboard and surfed, a huge wave was approaching, and he surfed it. Lucy wanted to get inside the water, but all she did was play in the super silky sand, and also play with the shiny shells.

20 minutes later Jack was finished surfing, he was going to change into his dry clothes, and he left his surfboard with Lucy. A minute later Lucy dragged the surfboard in the water and surfed, and the biggest wave came towards her, what a shock, Jack ran back to the beach with excitement. “No, Lucy.........” Yelled Jack, Lucy surfed, the giant wave, and Lucy loved it she felt free. Everyone watched her as she surfed beautifully. People thought that she was going to drown. She loves it so much.

Lucy swam back with the surfboard, everyone cheered for her. They loved her they never knew that dogs could surf. As soon as she finished surfing, she was eating lunch with Jack. They wanted to go back to the beach another day.

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  1. Hey Zion! I'm Rebecca and I'm from the University of South Alabama. I'm in a class called EDM310 and we learn about many aspects of technology. I really enjoyed your story! Did you write it? How do you like having a blog? Does it make school easier or harder? I have one and I really enjoy it! I can't wait to hear back from you!
    -Rebecca Stuart


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