Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There was an ordinary 16 year old girl named Jade, and her 14 year old brother Hunter. Their dad named David and Jade always gets pranked by Hunter. After that they went to Romania, at Werewolves Berg, and they lived at a castle for 3 days. Then they went and bought dinner. After that they went to drive with Paulina, (Paulina is a Vampire). Then Paulina went to try and kill a teenage werewolf. Then Hunter went to find his dad and tell him that Jade is a werewolf. Suddenly Hunter transformed into a werewolf. Then Hunter and Jade defeated Paulina. Then they were so happy they got to see the beast witch is the great protector of Werewolves Berg. Then Jade and all the other people that live at Werewolves Berg cheered and clapped.

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