Thursday, February 16, 2012


As soon as the show started we all started laughing. Then Duffy and Scruffy came out and they saw the garage sale. After that Scruffy wanted to play with Duffy, then he said, “But, but Ma’a Nonu’s out there waiting for you.” Suddenly The Best Book in the World (Marvel) was in the box and Duffy saw it. The Best Book in the World (Marvel) was singing after that. Then Scruffy came to Duffy and said, “You have o play with me know, Piri Wepu is out there hurry up.” Then it was Rocky’s birthday, he wanted to have a pirate birthday and the they fell and flew away then they rewind what they did in the beginning then they did the sail and the mast, and they were attaching it together and they never fell after that.

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