Friday, September 23, 2011

Aussie Rules

When we went to Aussie Rules we put all our things down and we started listening to the rules. We only had to do the hand pass and the drop punt, that’s the rules of the game. The hand pass is simple which means you can learn it easily, we just pretend we had an ice-cream and squish it on the little rugby ball, and it flies off. The drop punt is kind of hard but I tried it and it went some where else, so here is a tip get a rugby ball, the drop punt is like a drop kick but you have to kick the curves.

This is the time when we start doing some worm ups. Megan taught us how to play Ninja Knees and the Bump Off game.

After that we started a game, it’s just like baseball but we had to bounce a small rugby ball between the basses. So I had a turn after Turuhira, and my team had 8, and at the end we had 28 points.

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