Friday, September 16, 2011


Wow I was so amazed because of the opening of the RWC. I jumped up and down because it had finally started. After there was the boy who was playing rugby, he tackled all the men that was acting too. Then he walked down the carpet filled with the best rugby players from the past. After that the fireworks started and there was music in it, and people played it because they were proud of themselves. There were other people that were in a band and there was a quire too. The fireworks was really fascinating because it had a lot of detail in it.

ALL BLACKS vs TONGA!!!!!! All Blacks vs Tonga was really awesome for the ALL BLACKS!!!!! because the ALL BLACKS WON!!!!!, it was really tough for Tonga because they had 10-41.

ALL BLACKS loved everyone who went to Eden Park and supported them, and they were proud because they WON!!!!! After the game they all cheered and clapped and they all went crazy because All Blacks won.

Then they talked about how they did it and how they were working as a awesome. BLACK OUT EVERYTHING BECAUSE ALL BLACKS WON, sorry Tonga you’ll win another day. ALL BLACKS HOPE YOU GO TO THE FINALS.

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