Monday, October 14, 2013


Wow who knew that immersion assembly could be awesome? I actually enjoyed watching the pancake eating competition, and I also enjoyed the team 4 video, it was awesome. Mr Somerville and Mr Marks were the best, and Mrs Lavakula must of embarrassed her son, he was watching his mother on the screen and he said, “What?”

The pancake eaters were the best Mrs Walters challenging a boy named Noah. Mrs Walters kept on holding up the challenge until.................... Mrs Tuala got angry and said, ”That is enough with the make up, we’re all hungry the baby is hungry, hurry up ready, set, GO.” They were eating like pigs, and it got more exciting when they gave the audience some pancakes, and the winner was Noah.

The immersion assembly was fun, I enjoyed all of the items, but the top 2 we’re the TEAM 4 and TEAM 3 item.

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  1. Hey Zion,

    I couldn't make the immersion assembly this term and you're post has made me really wish I had... Pancakes for the audience sounds like a great way to start the day :p

    How many pancakes did Noah eat to win the competition? did you count?

    Have a great term :)

    Mr. Hutchings


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