Monday, August 26, 2013


Once I walked onto the slippery squishy mud I almost slipped. When Mr Burt came to start the year 8 girls cross country, I had butterflies in my stomach. When Mr Burt held up the syrian that's when I knew it was going to blow. When it was time, he hit the button to blow it and it blew.

The race started, I jogged when we got up to the corner and that was the path that was muddy. I almost slipped when we got up to where the reserve was, Brooklyn threw mud at me when we got past the teachers, but then Mary pushed Brooklyn into the mud and she was muddy from waist up.

Our second lap was even worse I got muddier and School was almost finished, because we started at 2:20 and it was fun and hard, so then me Brooklyn and Ashleigh finished the race together and cross country was over after a few people finished.

That CROSS COUNTRY was way better than the other ones we had.

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  1. Hi Zion,

    I like your recount about cross country. Did you see how muddy the field was? It was so muddy I had to go home a a very long shower. Keep up the gerat work.


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