Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I went on a dangerous adventure with the dinosaurs. I’m Zion and i’m going to tell you about it.

Last year, in 2011, I was working on a project with my teacher, Mr Somerville. Our task was to build a time machine. The machine was built from metal rulers and plastic crates. We had a remote control, this was and old calculator!  I wanted to go back to dinosaur times so I included a dinosaur mask as part of my kit in the machine.

It turned into a real time machine by, buying some weird materials that could fit into my weird time machine. I was riding my bike there, then I went back to class with my bike, as fast as I can. I needed my bike to start up the engine for me and Mr Somerville's time machine. I couldn't wait for the time machine to get ready!!!!!

I was back to the past and I went by myself. I was hiding and I also put my dinosaur mask on, and I roared to them and they roared back. Then suddenly a strange thing happened........ The dinosaurs could talk because they drank a witches drink.

Then a dinosaur roared and yelled, " HELP, HELP!!!! " That dinosaur roared because her eggs were gone. The mother could see the eggs on top of the tallest volcano, that will explode at night on the 12 of . The eggs mother cried, " How do we get to the tallest volcano without getting hurt!! " Then I said, " Well we pack our stuff and go to a DANGEROUS ADVENTURE!!!!!! "

I was ready to go on my dangerous adventure!!!!!!!!!!

The eggs mother had the first aid kit. The father had the food because we might be hungry, we had dino food and human food. The dinosaurs worked as a team the whole way through. I brought the drinks, soft drinks. The rest got what they wanted to get.

It was the next day the day we had to go to the volcano it was almost noon. Then it was evening we rushed there, a dinosaur fell and sprang it's ankle, and the eggs mother got the first aid kit and put something around it and it was all good.

There was a deep part in the water, but we had to be careful. There were booby traps. There was a quick sand in the middle of the muddy path. After that we went near the snakes they were big we had to freeze before they look at us the we run.

It was time for the volcano to explode and the mother ran as fast as she could and got the eggs and we all went to celebrate.

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