Monday, August 29, 2011


There was a boy named Jake and he was just an ordinary HIGH SCHOOL boy. Then this AGENT from the S.S.A (SUPER SONIC AGENTS) picked him to be in their team because they needed a teenage boy to be in the S.S.A. There is a bad agent crew called the B.A.O.D (BAD AGENTS OF DEATH). Then Jake was failing MATH. Jakes dad said, "Homework first, missions second, and if you come back with an A+ you can do your mission but If you FAIL you're not going on your mission!" "But Dad," Jake winded. Dad said, "No buts!" Jake was worried If the B.A.O.D, would take over the universe including him, his brothers, sisters and his Mum and Dad. B.A.O.D is already thinking of taking over the world, cause Jakes a mind reader. Then the next day he came back from school and had a A+, his parents were so proud and so happy of him.
Jake hurried to his boss and said, "Where's my car and my guns" and so he told him, "It's in the back seat of your car beside you", and Jake said, "Oh I knew that". So he hopped inside the car and went, so he reads his mind and he saw that his family was gone with the B.A.O.D at the SKY SCRAPER and dropped them.
Jakes family got dropped but lucky Jake was there to save them, and they got shocked by the amazing catch from Jakes car. They told Jake to look out for the IC (Internet Cafe), and then there was a big CRASH and a big SMASH. The B.A.O.D went to Jake and said, "Give me your smartest brother", and Jake angrily said, "NO, you go away and leave my family alone", and the B.A.O.D laughed and said, "Ha a teenager can't stop me what are you going to do ha, anyways I took your AGENTS and locked them away where you can't find them, even if you try you can't find them, cause your 600,000 blocks away HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". When the B.A.O.D were gone Jake knew where they were cause he can read peoples minds and see where people are, and the AGENTS are at the abandoned city and there's a bomb there, witch is going to blow in 4 hours. So they went to save Jakes AGENTS and cut all the wires on the bomb, and 2 hours were gone now they have to get there in 2 hours or less, cause they are 100,00 blocks away from the abandoned city now. They got there as soon as possible, so they cut the bombs and took Jakes AGENTS in the car and so they went.

Then Jake went with his family and AGENTS went back home to get some rest, and Jake watched the News and there was the B.A.O.D robbing heaps of BANKS then there was a bright light comming from inside the TV and it was his armer and there was a voice inside his head saying to him to not rest and start saving the world, so he went without his family and AGENTS, so he went. Then his family and AGENTS woke up and saw that he was gone. When Jake was fighting the B.A.O.D he realized that he left his family and his AGENTS.
On the crane there was Jakes family and AGENTS, and they went to the control room and shut down everything including the money maker machine.

Jake got beaten up, then he got locked up in a really strong cage where no one can get in, including a strong giant. Then Jake yelled, "HELP ME, SOMEONE PLEASE, HELP!!!!!". After suffering, and yelling Jakes AGENTS and his family went to save him. When Jake got stuck in the cage he saw someone zoom into the B.A.O.D's BOSSES.
Then Jake saw a way out of the cage. After Jake went out a alert alarm came on, cause Jake got out. Jake was really mad cause they took his AGENTS and his f
amily, so he angrily yelled, and cried, "LET GO OF MY FAMILY, AND AGENTS AND ALL THE PEOPLE YOU TOOK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Then Jake went into the BOSSES office, and he took the bomb that the B.A.O.D stole from the S.S.A RANGER AGENTS ROOM, and Jakes one of the RANGER AGENTS. As soon as Jake ran out of the office and was people yelling. people were going all crazy when the B.A.O.D locked them inside the cages.
Crazy people were crashing the B.A.O.D's station and cage stations, cause all the people got locked and cause people got so frustrated at night too.
After fighting the B.A.O.D, Jake went to the closet and took off his costume and put on his suit.
Then Jake went to the inventing room and he found stuff that came from the future, and he found that he was the B.A.O.D is sending a warning to Jake, and the inventing room got blown up, and Jake got out as soon as possible.
Jake went to the closet and got some guns, then Jake went to the guns room and got some grenades and some machine guns, and some lazier guns, and some blades.
Then one of the B.A.O.D went to Jake and said, "RUN, RUN THERES A MONSTER THAT'S ON THE LOOSE GO I'M HELPING YOU", so Jake went.

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