Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Tallest Tower

Last week on Friday we had to make a Tower that’s tall enough and strong enough. Room sixteen got into groups and some of them had to go on their own, our main tools were glue a meter of sellotape and scissors, we had to come up with an idea to make the biggest tower. My partner was Mary I. I tried to come up with an idea and then Mary I started to come up with an idea too. So then I said “ What’s your idea ”, she said “ Why don’t we put scrap paper inside it ”, I said “ No that’s cheating ”, then......................... she said “ WHO CARES !!!!!! ”

We were starting to build a tower that is Bigger, Better and Stronger, but not Faster because there is no boost for a tower. Then we were making it stand on the first three papers and we were using sellotape.


  1. Hi Zion,

    I love that you mentioned the connection between your tallest tower competition and the term theme of bigger, better, stronger, faster. It was also very astute of you to make the observation that the tower was not faster because of it's lack of an engine.

    Miss Rogers

  2. hi Zion
    you are so cleaver.


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