Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This morning on October the 11th the whole school went to the hall because we are learning about Little Critters. We found out that Little Critters is our new topic for term 4. When I stepped into the hall I saw many bees, two ants, four spiders, lady bugs, and a nasty Mosquito which

was Mr Burt. But Mr Burt could’ t fly although Mosquito’s do fly.

As team 4 did their item it was great. My favourite part of their item was when Mr Barks, who was the queen bee, he pulled out four babies out of his stomach. Then they finished their item.

When team 3 went on the stage to do their item they called their item NZ Next Top Little Critter. First Mrs Barks talked about lady bugs that have black spots, red spots, blue lady bugs, red lady bugs, brown lady bugs and then Mr Barks yelled out “I LOVE YOU” !!!!! to Mrs Barks, and everyone laughed.

The thing that I like about immersion assembly is when Mr Barks yelled out “I LOVE YOU” to Mrs Barks. My other favourite part about immersion assembly was when Miss Squires fed Mr Barks with nice jelly but acsaully it was fake jelly.

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